Your Thematics

Natural or induced phenomena occuring at the surface and interface in materials are numerous. Our expertise in physical and chemical analysis allows to understand and optimize your manufacturing processes and the final properties of your products.
  • Adhesion / assemblies / interfaces
  • Biocompatibility
  • Contamination/Surface cleanliness - Additives migration at the surface of polymer films, residues of forming agents (lubricants) at the surface of steel, particle contamination
  • Corrosion, ageing, durability - Oxidation of metals/semi-conductors, Surface aging of glass
  • Nanomaterials - Dimensional measurement, Micro structure characterization
  • Surface structure and Chemistry
  • Surface treatments or coatings, Multilayers - Optimisation of adhesive properties ( inks, paints, …), Hydrophilic/hydrophobic behaviour of surfaces (anti-fouling textiles), Biocompatibility (implants)