Based in Provence, TESCAN ANALYTICS was founded in 1993 under the name of Biophy Research by researchers specialized in solid surface science. 

From the beginning, the objective was to offer an expert service of materials physico-chemical analysis to the industry.

In 2010, ORSAY PHYSICS acquired Biophy Research before merging with TESCAN and founding TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING. Biophy Research, wholly owned by the TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING group, changed its name in 2017 to TESCAN ANALYTICS.

TESCAN ANALYTICS a wholly owned subsidiary of TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING, benefits from the support of its parent company as well as the latest innovations in electron microscopy.

In almost 30 years, TESCAN ANALYTICS has acquired a high technology instrumental park allowing it to propose a wide range of physicochemical and structural analyses of surfaces/interfaces in materials. During these years, the company has grown and has welcomed engineers or PhDs in materials science.

The expertise of its scientific team as well as the quality of the service offered allows it to be recognized at the international level as a key player in the field of physicochemical characterization.

As a high-tech professional, TESCAN ANALYTICS ensures a perfect control of the surface phenomena of your materials in order to optimize the performance of your products and increase your competitiveness at a reduced cost.

Developing an R&D activity is an important objective for TESCAN ANALYTICS, which is in touch with the latest instrumental and methodological innovations.

We have developed close links with a large network of partners (public and private research centers, competitiveness clusters, associations, companies) with which several French or European collaborative projects have been launched.

Our team is at your service and is your privileged partner in the design, development, validation and industrialization of your materials.

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