TESCAN ANALYTICS, a private laboratory, is your privileged partner for surface and interface physico-chemical characterization of materials thanks to its proven expertise. Our analytical park includes several state-of-the-art equipment with the latest innovations.

100% of the results provided by TESCAN ANALYTICS have been acquired with our fully qualified/regurlarly checked systems.

Our engineers and PhD's bring you their expertise in order to meet the challenges you may encounter in the design or replacement of materials/processes, their qualification and their production... We are used to working on all types of surfaces: glass, polymers, ceramics, metals, powders, fibers...

A first discussion with our team is organized in order to validate the optimal technique to meet your needs. Once the offer has been accepted, the acquisition of the results is carried out by our scientists. A complete report of the results is sent to you at the same time as a proposal for a physical meeting or videoconference in order to discuss these with our experts.

We assure you a delay of 1 to 15 working days for the delivery of your results in the form of a complete and detailed report.

If you want to deepen your knowledge or train on techniques, TESCAN ANALYTICS regularly offers training cycles (2 to 3 days) in ‘Chemical and physical characterization of surfaces and interfaces in materials’.

It is also possible to organize tailor-made sessions on your samples and issues.