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Biological materials or biomaterials can be of plant, animal or microbial origin and have unique properties of interest for many applications, from medicine to engineering.

There are two main categories of biological samples: organic and inorganic.
  • Organic materials contain carbon and include natural polymers such as proteins, nucleic acids and polysaccharides, the basic components of cells.
  • Inorganic materials are composed of minerals such as apatite, calcite and hydroxyapatite, which play a role in the formation of bones and teeth.

The structure and chemical composition of biological materials determine their unique properties. The study of these materials requires special attention because of their extreme fragility.

Scientists from different fields of activity are interested in their particular characteristics in order to develop products for these materials (care, maintenance, substitution). The cosmetics industry will thus study different physicochemical parameters of its care or make-up formulations on biological surfaces (hair, skin, nails...), the dental industry will be interested in the kinetics of cement setting on a tooth, or the prosthesis makers will be closely interested in the (bio)compatibility of their implants with the human body.

Furthermore, the forms, materials, properties, processes and functions of living organisms can be used as a source of inspiration for the design of new artificial materials. Biomimicry is a field of research and innovation that is inspired by nature and its 3.8 billion years of development. This interdisciplinary creative process focuses on nanometric, biomolecular and macroscopic scales. Velcro is inspired by the hooks of the propagule; Fastskin's swimming suit imitates the epidermis of the mako shark; some software is inspired by the plant world for its phototactic, photosynthetic or biosynthetic capacities.

TESCAN ANALYTICS brings you 30 years of expertise to characterize and analyze the surfaces of your biological materials.

These physical, chemical and structural characterizations provide valuable information for the development of new materials, the optimization of healthcare formulations or the control of production processes and the quality of medical devices.

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