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Ceramic materials include all objects made of fired clay. Much used in the craft industry, there are two main categories: porous (pottery, earthenware ...) and vitrified (stoneware, porcelain ...). The ceramics industry is considered to be the first to use the "art of fire" before metallurgy and the glass industry. With time and technological advances, the "technical ceramics" appeared, they bring adapted solutions where metals and polymers prove to be inoperative.

Its basic properties, such as resistance to thermal shock, ageing and chemical attack, as well as its mechanical strength, low density and high hardness, immediately appealed to many sectors.

Today, these ceramics have become indispensable to high-tech industries, thanks to their unique mechanical, electrical, thermal, optical, chemical and aesthetic properties. Because of these characteristics and qualities, they are currently among the most efficient materials, which allows numerous applications in different sectors of activity.
Far from the manufacture of plates, cups or jewelry, the development of technical ceramics is a discipline in which materials with specific chemical and physical properties (biocompatibility, low thermal conductivity ...) to industrial needs are developed. Indeed, they can be used in electronic components (capacitors, integrated circuits, diodes...) but also in the aerospace field (temperature and pressure sensors, turbine blades, heat shields). The medical field is not left out, since implants such as dental crowns, hip prostheses or hearing implants are also created from ceramics. Obviously, its excellent electrical insulation makes it a material of choice for the manufacture of high-voltage insulators, hybrid circuit substrates, connector insulators and fiber optic supports.

TESCAN ANALYTICS helps companies in the ceramic industry by providing valuable information on their physical and chemical properties.

The analyses offered by our analytical laboratory help the research and development of technical ceramics, with studies on the raw materials used, on the structure, composition and physicochemical properties of the finished product.

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