The pharmaceutical industry has a direct effect on human health. It is a highly supervised and controlled sector; therefore, each actor must be able to provide supporting documents and results to the various regulatory agencies such as the European Pharmacopoeia or the FDA... In recent years, many research efforts have been devoted to the development of sophisticated micro- and nano-drug carriers for controlled release and targeted delivery.

From formulation analysis to contaminant studies and packaging examinations, TESCAN ANALYTICS and its wide range of instruments will support you in your problems.

These substances are often based on the chemistry of polymers, which is in most cases sensitive to the electron beam. Therefore, we can easily provide you with electron microscopy analysis. Other techniques such as XPS, AFM or ToF-SIMS are also essential for the analysis of products from the pharmaceutical field.

100% of the results provided by TESCAN ANALYTICS are sent within 1 to 15 days and were acquired with our fully qualified and regurlarly checked equipment.

TESCAN ANALYTICS and its scientific team have proven expertise in the analysis of surfaces and interfaces for all types of compounds present in pharmaceutical products. Since our beginnings, we have accompanied the biggest names in this field at each stage until final quality control.

Analysis of active ingredients on the surface and in volume of polymer micro-particles (Drug Delivery System), chemical analysis of foreign bodies, morphology of core shell nanoparticles used for medical imaging, control/qualification of raw materials, release of contaminants caps (septum or stopper) in elastomer (PDMS, PIB), surface treatments of glass and polymer bottles, labeling problems (packaging adhesion, persistence of inks, etc.), study of the aging of active ingredients, etc.

All these issues and more have been solved by our team. Our complete range of instruments and our expertise allow us to offer you the optimal analytical solution.

Non-exhaustive list of our application examples in the pharmaceutical field: