Semiconductors are used in daily life objects and industries/sectors such as microelectronics. Their manufacturing techniques are diverse and innovative in order to reduce more and more its component size. The semiconductor industry is engaged in a frantic race where the goal is high integration, high density and miniaturization of devices (Moore law). This has resulted in the development of new technologies such as 3D integrated circuits that allow extended functionality to be incorporated into increasingly small, fast and low-power devices (FINFET transistors (< 10 nm)).

However, these increasingly complicated circuits require more sophisticated tools for development and prototyping, inspection and failure investigation in order to analyze or reach areas of interest.

These developments require increasingly precise and efficient analytical characterization techniques. Indeed, some parasitic physical effects without consequences on a larger scale become problematic at the submicron level. With our state-of-the-art instruments, we bring you the solution to your analytical problems in the ultra-small world of microelectronics.

TESCAN ANALYTICS, ORSAY PHYSICS and TESCAN have been working on the challenges of the microelectronics sector since their inception.

TESCAN ANALYTICS and its scientific team have been supporting many players in this sector for nearly 30 years. The analytical techniques we use as well as our experience in this field will provide you valuable results in order to monitor your manufacturing processes, qualifying your production tools, understanding failures, etc.
We offer expertise covering all phases: from design to production. Thanks to this understanding of the malfunctions encountered, our partners were able to identify and solve their causes in a short time and at a lower cost.

Analysis of deposits in production equipment, thickness measurement of thin layers, measurement of nanometric components size, stoichiometry analysis of layers of oxides nitrides layers, defects/contaminations analysis on chips, analysis of contaminants in multilayer interfaces, cleaning process efficiency, surface conditioning of silicon wafers, development of new processes (implantation, etching), conformity of deposits in 3D structures, monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in clean rooms, dopant implantation profiles in Si, SiOx, SiC... residues of photolitho resins, porosities of thin PVD layers, purity of metallic deposits, pollution of "bondings"...

All these issues and more have been solved by our team. Our complete range of instruments and our expertise allow us to offer you the optimal analytical solution.

Non-exhaustive list of our application examples in the field of microelectronics: