Luxury industry is oriented towards exclusive products and services. It encompasses many fields of activity: from clothing, to crystalware, through jewelry and watchmaking. In recent years, it has experienced exponential growth, attracting and retaining new consumers in search of guaranteed quality and highly desirable goods.

This sector, strongly oriented towards innovation, is subject to very high demands from consumers who are ready to pay the price in return for a zero defect quality good.

Luxury manufacturers are constantly looking for new noble and resistant materials. It is therefore essential for them to control the surfaces and interfaces of the latter in order to ensure compliance with their high quality standards.

With the latest generation of physico-chemical analysis instruments, TESCAN ANALYTICS and its team will provide you with the answers in order to meet your challenges within a maximum of 15 working days.

Our complete range of instruments and our expertise offers you the optimal analytical solution for understanding failures on your raw materials or final products, validating your surface treatment processes, and more.

Chemical and morphological analysis of decorative thin layers, chemical analysis of tribochemical reaction products in mechanical watch mechanisms, identification of the contamination source on the surface of luxury packaging, measurement of roughness parameters on machined parts, characterization of multilayer coatings, contamination analysis of gems/rare stones, surface treatment of ceramic pieces, analysis of gilding defects...

All these issues and more have been solved by our team. Our complete range of instruments and our expertise allow us to offer you the optimal analytical solution.

Non-exhaustive list of our examples of application in the field of the luxury industry: