The cosmetics sector is increasingly subject to strong regulations tending over the years to overlap with those of the pharmacopoeia. At the same time, consumers demand increasingly efficient and stable products over time. In addition, there is growing competition showing innovative advances not only on the scientific level but also on the marketing level.

Surface and interface analysis allow cosmetics manufacturers to develop new and more efficient products, but also to support their sales pitches on scientific data.

Physico-chemical analysis are therefore necessary for many reasons in this field. Tests of product toxicity, efficacy tests with calculation of recovery rates on different substrates (skin, hair, nails, etc.), stability monitoring over time and at different temperatures and optimization of formulations or adoption of new, greener, and more sustainable packaging.

We are the preferred partner of many producers or subcontractors in the cosmetics industry for whom we develop tailor-made analytical solutions.

TESCAN ANALYTICS and its scientific team support you in all your analytical issues and help you adapt your formulation to the evolving of regulatory standards but also to consumer requirements. In addition, we work with the marketing departments of several major cosmetics players by providing them scientific elements to support their sales pitches.

Characterization of microcapsules containing a derivative of hyaluronic acid, study of the cutaneous penetration of active ingredients, structure and morphology of mineral fillers, chemical and morphological characterization of deposits on hair, varnish adhesion on nails, batch qualification of raw materials, optimization of formulations, diffusion of active ingredients in the hair, persistence of hair care shampoo, morphological and chemical characterization of natural hair before/after bleaching, surface properties of recycled polymers used in packaging, etc.

All these issues and more have been solved by our team. Our complete range of instruments and our expertise allow us to offer you the optimal analytical solution.

Non-exhaustive list of our examples of application in the field of cosmetics: