Aerospace has always challenged with load r├ęduction and new materials/composites design in a very competitive and innovative market. The structural and chemical analysis of these materials is essential to ensure a safe use of the systems.
In addition, aeronautics is one of the industries subject to the most demanding standards and certifications. Supervised by many organizations such as: the EASA in Europe, the FAA in the United States... the aerospace industry is constrained to many rules that must be respected and validated in order to obtain a certification.

The aerospace sector is framed by increasingly demanding quality standards. It is therefore necessary to control the different surfaces and interfaces of the used materials.

Our team of experts has been working together with many players in the aerospace industry for over 20 years. Many analytical methods within wide range of techniques have been developed in order to respond to the problems encountered during all the design stages: from R&D conception to final quality control. Thanks to the understanding of the failure mecanisms encountered (turbine, propellers, electronic components, etc.), our partners were able to identify and solve their causes in a reduced time and at a lower cost.

TESCAN ANALYTICS and its scientific team benefit from a proven expertise of more than 20 years in the aerospace industry to support you throughout the resolution of your problems.

Anodizing treatment (thickness, structure), heat treatment of metal alloys, breakage at grain boundaries of special steels, microstructure of welding/soldering points, surface conditioning of connectors, aging of elastomer joints, surface analysis of fracture facies, surface contamination of metal parts, plasma treatment of polymer/fiberglass/carbon fiber composites, X-ray analysis of deposits on PCB, paint adhesion problems on alloys, analysis of color defects on metal parts, analysis of metallographic sections by ToF-SIMS, qualification of raw materials...

All these issues and more have been solved by our team. Our complete range of instruments and our expertise allow us to offer you the optimal analytical solution.


Non-exhaustive list of our application examples in the aerospace field: