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A textile is an assembly of fibers or threads, woven or knitted. Some textiles are called "non-woven" and designate an arrangement of ordered or disordered fibers, bound by friction and/or cohesion and/or adhesion. The fibers or yarns used can be of natural organic (cotton, wool, linen, hemp...) or mineral (asbestos...) origin, or chemical, which includes artificial and synthetic fibers (viscose, polyester, acrylics, cellulose acetate, elastanes...).

The properties of textiles are the result of many factors, such as the nature, size and shape of the fibers, their orientation in the material, the density of the weaving or knitting, the method of finishing and the chemical treatments applied at different stages of manufacture.

These last years, the sector of the "technical textile" knew a strong expansion. The General Directorate of Enterprises (DGE) defines it as "any product or textile material whose technical performance and functional properties prevail over aesthetic or decorative characteristics". The development of technical textiles aims to meet specific needs and applications such as fire resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal or sound insulation, shape memory, improved mechanical performance ... To achieve these results, innovative processes and materials, chemical functionalization treatments, revolutionary assemblies... have been developed or are still under study. However, many challenges remain, such as their durability, safety for users, eco-design and respect for the environment... and require in-depth research.

TESCAN ANALYTICS brings you its 30 years of expertise to solve your problems on textile materials.

Our analytical laboratory is equipped with a wide range of analytical equipment and has developed numerous methods for the textile industry, in order to characterize their physical and chemical properties, but also to identify the additives and contaminants present. Our team will assist you in solving problems encountered during the production or use of all types of textiles.

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All these problems and many others have been solved by our team. Our complete range of equipment and our expertise allow us to offer you the optimal analytical solution.