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Semiconductors are crystalline materials that have electrical properties intermediate between those of conductors and insulators. Mainly composed of silicon, there are other semiconductors based on germanium or gallium arsenide. The technical characteristics of semiconductors are numerous. When an electrical potential is applied to its terminals, a small current is formed. Intrinsic semiconductors have the characteristic of displaying a conductivity that increases with temperature or with electromagnetic radiation, unlike metals. The electrical properties of semiconductors can be controlled by doping, these are then called extrinsic semiconductors. Atoms called "impurities" are implanted in the material to increase the density of charge carriers. If the electron density increases, the doping is of type N, if it decreases, it is of type P.

Semiconductors are the basis of modern computing and the foundation of Industry 4.0. They are used in the vast majority of electronic devices, from computers and medical equipment to cell phones and car dashboards. Semiconductors are everywhere in our daily lives.

They are used in a wide variety of electronic devices, including diodes, transistors, sensors and integrated circuits. We also find them in photonics for everything related to lighting science and technology since they allow the creation of efficient, compact and inexpensive lights. They are also present in the computer industry for the manufacture of processors and computer memories or in the energy industry, especially solar panels. Solar cells are also made from semiconductors, such as silicon, which convert light energy into electricity.

TESCAN ANALYTICS offers precise analysis of their composition, structure and properties, necessary to guarantee the quality, reliability and performance of the final products.

Our laboratory assists industrial manufacturers or users of semiconductors in solving their material problems. Our team of experts will provide you with results to improve your performance.

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