X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)

XPS is a very powerful tool, used for Chemical Surface Analysis (quantitative elemental composition and chemical speciation, on the 2-10 first nm), for Chemical Imaging (lateral resolution 3 µm) , and elemental Depth Profiling (up to 1 µm, 3 nm z resolution).

Samples analyzed: all UHV compliant materials
Insulators (Flood gun), polymers, organic products, biological samples, powders, galss, semiconductor, metal, alloys


  • Energy resolution : 0,48 eV (FWHM) on Ag3d5/2 and 0.8 eV (FWHM) on O-C=O (PET) with AlKα monochromatized source
  • Under UHV (about 10-8 Pa, 10-10 torr)
  • Reproducibility better than 3 %
  • Analyzed depth from 2 to 8 nm (angular or normal dectection)
  • Angular resolution 1°
  • Spectrum : Analyzed area from 10x10 µm² to 300x700 µm²
  • Imaging : Analyzed area from 250 x250 µm² to 10x10 mm² 
  • Lateral resolution : 3 µm for imaging, 10 µm for microanalysis
  • Ar+ gun (0.2 to 5 keV) for Etching and Depth Profiling
  • Detection limit : 0.3 % at conc, depends of the elements.
  • Charge compensation for insulating materials (magnetic immersion lens)