Ultra Cryo Microtomy allows us to prepare thin samples for TEM (lamellae). It is also used to prepare a flat and smooth surface for AFM mechanical imaging or ToF SIMS chemical imaging, when observation of bulk properties is needed : we hence work on a section. 
It can be used at ambiant temperature, or in cryo mode for very soft samples. 

Materials to be cut: biological, polymers, soft metals

  • Antivibration table
  • Binocular lens MZ 6 (x8 – x51) 
  • UC6 Ultramicrotome :
    cutting fenster from 0.2 to 15 mm
    cutting speed from 0.05 à 100 mm/s
    clice thickness from 0 à 15 µm
    sample movement : 200 µm
    motorized knife movement 10 mm
    LED lighting : direct, indirect, transillumination
  • FC6 Cryo-ultramicrotome :
    Chamber for cryo-ultramicrotomie
    tank : 500 ml LN2
    cooling temperature array from -15°C to -185°C
    antistatic system
    LED lighting : direct, indirect
    automatic drying otpion