Surface Analytical Service

TESCAN ANALYTICS is a private laboratory, providing surface and interface analysis service.

We are using a huge array of equipment and different surface analysis techniques to adress our customer thematics:
  • Chemical composition, thickness, homogeneity or structure of a surface treatment, coating, multilayers
  • Adhesion, assembly or interfaces thematic (between 2 materials, between charges and matrix), nanomaterials
  • Contaminations analysis
  • Surface and interface defects (after ageing, corrosion, …)
We are used to analyse all kind of materials (polymers, glass, ceramic, metals, ...). We are able to couple different techniques if needed to give global results. 

Our value added: EXPERTISE (20 years) –  RESPONSIVENESS (1 to 15 days max for results and analysis report) – QUALITY (ISO 9001)

Our customers are R&D and Innovation Teams, intern Laboratories, Quality departments, and Production for crisis resolution. 

We are also proposing TRAININGS on surface and interface analysis, explaining the different techniques, how to interpret results, how to couple them.