Based in Provence, TESCAN ANALYTICS was founded in 1993 by researchers specialized in surface science in order to offer a service of physical chemistry analysis aiming industries.

In 20 years, TESCAN ANALYTICS has developed a recognised expertise worldwide in the field of physical chemistry of surfaces and interfaces and has set up a an advanced analytical park allowing a large range of chemical and structural analysis of surfaces and interfaces of materials.

Specialized in high technology, TESCAN ANALYTICS assure you a perfect control of phenomenon on the surface of your materials in order to optimize your products performance and increase your competitivity.

Entirely in tune with you, TESCAN ANALYTICS is your privileged partner in design, development, validation and industrialisation of your new materials and processes in surface treatment.



  • 1993 Creation of the company by researchers in Science and Engineering of Surfaces.
  • 1996 In the dynamic of its development of activities in surface treatment and opening to new sectors, Biophy Research is established in Marseille.
  • 1999 Following the quality insurance strategy for its partners , Biophy Research is certified ISO 9001.
  • 2000 Biophy Research receive the approval SRC (Structure de Recherche Contractuelle) by ANVAR, now OSEO.
  • 2001 Biophy Research is rewarded of the "ENTREPRISE INNOVANTE 2001" price.
  • 2002 The company is extended and move to Fuveau (near Aix en Provence).
  • 2003 In order to facilitate the treatment of information obtained through the ToF-SIMS analysis, Biophy Research develop and commercialise a software for data analytics (Multi-Ion ® SIMS).
  • 2005 Founder member of PF Caracterisation CIMPACA (with STM, IBS and Aix Marseille Université).
  • 2010 Purchase by Orsay Physics.
  • 2012 Installation at Biophy Research of a prototype i-FIB, source FIB high current developed by Orsay Physics.
  • 2014 Orsay Physics and Tescan create Tescan Orsay Holding.
  • 2017 Biophy research became TESCAN ANALYTICS.

    Certificate ISO 9001


Quality Manual

Quality Manual
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