XPS last generation, to go even further in surface analysis and interface

TESCAN ANALYTICS, a subsidiary of TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING, is an expert in surface/interface analysis of materials. Specialized for nearly 30 years in physicochemical and structural characterization, we work with all sectors of activity (aeronautics, automotive, microelectronics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals...). Industrial actors solicit us for the resolution of their problems: adhesion, biocompatibility, corrosion, durability or ageing... but also in order to deepen their knowledge on surface treatments.
The AXIS Nova from Kratos has joined TESCAN ANALYTICS' already extensive analytical portfolio.

This new XPS allows the study of the elemental and chemical composition of surfaces and interfaces over a depth of 3 to 10 nm (in profile mode, down to the micron). 

This non-destructive analysis is suitable for all ultra-high vacuum compatible materials: insulators, organics, polymers, powders, metals, glasses, biological samples...

Our latest generation XPS is capable of achieving high sensitivity (a few tenths of an atomic %) over small analysis areas (a few tens of µm2), with excellent energy (0.45 eV) and image spatial resolution (2 - 3 µm), meeting the analytical needs of the most demanding applications. 

Moreover, with its argon cluster gun, our new XPS can deeply and gently abrade buried layers of organic materials without modifying their chemistry (only AXIS Nova to have this configuration in France). This technology also allows to clean potential contaminations on the surface of the samples without damaging the chemical information. 

This new equipment, with its exceptional performance combined with our 30 years of experience, broadens the perspectives and applications.

The AXIS Nova also has orthogonal cameras for a very precise positioning of the samples as well as a powerful data acquisition and reprocessing software perfectly adapted to a statistical sampling approach (grid mode).
A second monoatomic Ar gun completes the system. The two guns can be operated alternatively with the ZALAR rotation, which significantly improves the depth resolution.
Expertise, reactivity and quality are the added values of TESCAN ANALYTICS. Do not hesitate to entrust us with your XPS analyses, request a free estimate. To know more about this technique, click here.

We also offer analytical services for the following techniques: AFM, FIB SEM Ga or Xe, SEM EDX EBSD, MET STEM EDX EELS, Optical profilometry, ToF-SIMS or FTIR.