SERGE FERRARI trusts TESCAN ANALYTICS : "More than a service: a scientific support"

N° 25 of 360 R&D magazine, France Innovation, enlights our collaboration with SERGE FERRARI Group 

SERGE FERRARI is a world leader in flexible composite material technology for solar protection, tensile architecture, acoustic and facade. The group also provides high performance products for modular structures, environment and visual communication. 
Imed Eddine Ben Ali is an R&D engineer at Serge Ferrari : "We have chosen to collaborate with Tescan Analytics to improve the multi-scale characterization approach of our membranes, and for a better physico-chemical knowledge of their structures. Thanks to our collaboration, we have been able to directly observe the behavior of our membranes at very fine scales, by combining several delicate techniques in order to have a complete and refined understanding of our product. ” 

A detailed study of structure / properties relationship has thus been carried out, making it possible to understand the macroscopic behavior of  membranes linked to phenomena occuring at nanometric level. 

"The Serge Ferrari group always opts for agile, flexible, dynamic, innovative and modern R&D. Therefore, the use of advanced analysis techniques to better understand our membranes opens the doors on one hand to a definite improvement in the performance of our products, and on other hand, clearly directs us towards broader innovation. Tescan Analytics is more than a service, it's a scientific support." The R&D department emphasizes the flexibility and richness of scientific discussions with Tescan Analytics experts, and their ability to meet deadlines.