Medtech Meetings - France Innovation

Dec/08/2022 to Dec/08/2022 Videoconferencing
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Innovation in health will be at the heart of future economy. From medical devices to pharmaceuticals, hygiene, agriculture, food, environment and cosmetics, there are many sources of innovation in medicine.

Driven by digitalisation and new technologies, new tools and concepts for health services have emerged in recent years, such as genetics, functional imaging and nanotechnology. Their scope of action is very broad, whether in prevention, diagnosis or treatment.

France Innovation Meetings brings together the key players in MedTech, Associations, Clusters/incubators/technopoles, Training establishments, Health or medico-social establishments, Institutions/communities, Research laboratories, Health or medico-social professionals, Start-ups, VSEs, SMEs, ETIs, Large groups, Investors.

Medical Devices, Medical Imaging, Medical Robotics, Health Data Processing, Technologies, Digital Health, Connected Health Objects, Robotics and Equipment Innovations are some of the topics that will guide this edition.
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